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Have something in mind that you want and don't see it available? Don't worry, we open a few select custom spots that you can snag to design your own custom order! Watch out on our socials (facebook and Instagram) and sign up for our emails for updates of when we will open our few custom spots.

We will drop $75 custom spots on our website to secure your spot to create a custom, this fee will cover the design process and the secure hold on your custom spot for that month.

Once you have scored your spot, we will send you an email to fill out all the details of the purse you are looking helping us to better understand how to create this unique piece for you. Once you have purchased a spot, you must email us your FULL RESPONSE to questionnaire within 24hrs. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, your spot will be forfeited. 

After we have discussed the details I will create you a listing to purchase the bag so I can get to work making the perfect bag for you! The listing will have all the details you have decided for you to look over before purchasing. All custom bag/accessory invoices must be paid within 72 hours.   We reserve the right to refuse to fill your custom order if you have not made a final decision or paid invoice within 72 hours of purchasing your custom bag slot. No exceptions. Here are some things to think about while deciding if custom is what you are looking for.... 

We do not create new styles for custom orders, we only customize current styles we carry.

We do not accept returns or exchanges, unless there was an error on our part.

Once invoice is sent, there is a fee for changing your mind due to slowing down production.

Once your payment is processed, we cannot make any changes to your custom order. 

Once paid, custom orders take between 3/4 weeks. This time frame is subject to change if custom supplies are needed to complete your order. You will be notified immediately if more time is needed.



What size/ style of bag are you looking for? Here's our list of bags with their names, sizes, and starting pricing. ***For reference and photos of each style look underneath the shop all tabs and we have photos under each name for you to refer to of each style for you to get an idea of exactly what style of bag you are looking for and some leather/hide ideas as well! We do not delete old ready to ship bags that we have created to make it easier for you to find design ideas in that style even if that bag has already sold. 

Sizing of Bags:

Sling Body Bags: Starts at $225

Maybelle: 11 1/2 X 9 (Small Crossbody Style) ($225)

Reba: 13 1/2 X 11 (Medium Crossbody Style) ($285)

Small Dolly: 10x13x4 (Medium Crossbody Style)($300)

Dolly: 12x10 1/2x 4 (Med/Large Crossbody) ($335)

Patsy: 13Tx11Lx5w (Large Shoulder Bag) ($350)

Kindall 12X10X4 (Medium Crossbody) ($345)

Dutton: 15x12x4 (Large Shoulder bag)($375)

Loretta: 17x12x6 (Extra Large Shoulder/Tote Bag) ($375)

Merle Medicine Bag 13 1/2 Wide X 9 1/2 Tall X 5D (Med/Large Shoulder Size) Starting at ($450) LV Sides are additional. 
Cheyenne (rounded bottom) 
15"L x 12"H x 4"W ($400) shoulder bag 

Juney Style: (with a flap)

Mini Juney: (Crossbody) ($225) 12 at the bottom tapered up to 10 by 8 1/2 tall

Small Juney: (Crossbody) ($300) Bottom is 13 and tapered up to 10in by 10 inches tall.

Regular Juney: (Crossbody/Shoulder bag) ($335) Bottom is 15 and tapered up to 12in by 12 inches tall.

Large Juney: Bottom is 17 Tappered up to 14, and 13” tall. (Shoulder Bag Style) ($350)

Square Style:

Small Whitley Jade: 12x9x5 Small Bag ($350)

Large Whitley Jade: 18x12x6 Large Shoulder Bag

Classic backpack The backpack size is 12x15x6 ($450) Perfect for Diaper bags/ School Bags/Travel Bags 

 NEW SIZING** Shoulder Bag/Backpack Crossover ($395) 16x13 1/2 This is a two-in-one bag! We have an awesome shoulder bag that turns into a backpack as well!

Mini Backpack/Shoulder Bag Crossover ($350) 11 X13 1/2 **Smaller Version of our original 


******Charolene Convertible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻($400)

11” Wide/ 14” Across top, 12” Tall by 6” Deep with a hard round bottom!

This bag is the ultimate Shoulder bag that turns into a bucket backpack by just a tug of the strap!!! Check this exact one out on Fridays drop!!

This one specifically has a zippered pocket on the inside, two open pockets on the inside, CC pocket on the back AND a phone pocket! She’s the REAL deal! 💥💥💥💥


****Mini Charolene Convertible 👏🏻 ($385)

Shoulder bag, backpack, AND crossbody with a tug of a strap!

Mini Charolene Convertible Sizing: 10Lx11W 5in bottom!

This one specifically has a zippered pocket on the inside, CC pocket on the back AND a phone pocket! She’s the REAL deal! 💥💥💥💥

More Pricing Changes:

Adding a custom tooled items are an additional fee:

Basic Letters/Brands are $40

Letters with a symbol (headdress, sunflower, etc) $55

Tooled Straps start at $185 (depending on how detailed is what changes the pricing)

Tooled Animal Patches of your own personal pets ($85)

Pew Pew Pockets on the back are additional ($75)

Most of our bags (without flaps) come with a button snap closure. If you would like a zippered closure it's additional $25

Longer Fringe added (additional 3” fringe on each side) $45

Double Fringe added (two colors) ($35)

Tri-Fringe Added (three colors ($45)

Adjustable Strap ($15)

Addition of wrist handles ($20)

All of our bags are cotton lined with a fabric that I choose that I feel best fits the personality of the bag. There is one zippered pocket on the interior of our bags and one outside phone pocket on the back of our bags. 

If you would like to add Repurposed LV to your bag we can totally do that. (You do not have to have your own LV material to do this). The LV is priced depending how much material we use on the bag. Generally anywhere from $125 plus to add it to your bag, completely depends on how much we use. 

Cut out patches with Pendleton, engraved laser patches, conches, LV, and other add ons may change prices as well. Each piece depends on the details of each item on the pricing changes. 

Tails are an additional fee they do not belong in the price of the purse. I do upload more tails periodically. ***IMPORTANT******Once Customs are Finalized with payment we CAN NOT change your design. Especially if I have cut the pieces or ordered any custom pieces. So much planning goes into each custom bag that I create. It takes alot of time planning and preparing to make a perfectly created piece for you! They are very time consuming and I strive to make each item perfect that I create. A $25 fee will be charged for any changes after time of order being placed. 


We do NOT give refunds for any reason. Especially if its a custom item. We can not exchange custom items for ready to ship items as they are custom made to fit your design wanted. 

Turn around times on custom items are 4/7 weeks. This shop is ran completely by one woman! I do my very best to keep up on all of my orders while trying to add as much new items to my site as possible to keep you guys in the need of your items. More questions? Feel free to message me any time on any of our social media platforms or @ and I will gladly get back to you as soon as I can. 


If you are looking for custom Wallets/Small Items send us a message and we can get you hooked up with a custom for that at anytime! 

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