Springbok Juney and Saddle Leather

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Juneys are perfect for those who like a medium sized bag! This purse is perfect for an everyday handbag or a date night out. These are what we call our medium sized bags. Each bag is designed to fit all the essentials and more. Its has 1 interior pocket that will make it easy to stay organized while on the go. Each bag is lined with a colorful interior specifically chosen by us to fit the personality of the bag. Products are made with Genuine Italian leather and Premium Cowhide.  Each one of our bags are created in Arkansas, USA by L3 Designs Leather.

Size: Bottom is 15 and tapered up to 12in by 12 inches tall. 

Strap Length: 37”-40"

Fringe Measures: 14”



***NOTED the hair underneath the flap has a small spot where it is shorter. It is not bald just shorter! Photo to show!