About L3 Leather Designs

Hello! I am Kirrissa Larson! I am the Owner/Designer over here at L3 Designs! I am 29 years old with a wonderful husband, three kids (Ryder, Qwinn, and Rayfe), and LOTS of animals! We love our fur babies over here! 


I grew up and am still located in Omaha, AR (about 20 miles from Branson, Mo). 

I graduated HS in 2010, Graduated with my Bachelors from ATU in 2016, and taught elementary for 3 years before my leather business (side job) became my FULL TIME job. 

I started this company back in 2019 with my husband. I was a full time elementary teacher (a job I LOVED). I had just had my 3rd baby and needed to find something to do on the side to support my family of five. I knew that with a new baby I wouldn’t want to reach out and get another job, but needed to start a side hobby that I could do at home with my babies after school hours. I have always been one to want to craft. Over the years I have made lots of my own items, redoing furniture, creating porch swings with my husband, making my own house decor, etc. In high school anything crafty was always up my ally!

I started out making leather earrings at my kitchen table. I made them for months until I decided I would want to do something else too. One day it just hit me. I wanted to learn to sew. Take in mind I had not sewn before but I was determined to learn. But oh boy, did I learn. I have had lots of fun creating over the past few years and because of my supports (you guys) this amazing side job turned into my full time job. Allowing me to spend more time with my babies! 

My Vision for L3 is to continue to thrive and creative beautiful and unique designs that fit everyone’s style no matter their specific wants and needs! 

Over the past few years oh boy have I learned. I’ve failed, and failed, until I finally succeeded. I’ve learned so many different things about sewing and things I never thought I was capable of doing. I feel I have came so far in such a short amount of time. I am learning new fun things to make each day and have yet to find a day that I’m not excited to create. 

My favorite part of all of these is getting to create so many fun ideas, especially yours and turning it into a real life project. Thinking of the beautiful and fun projects we can do, and actually seeing them come to live is SO MAGICAL! 

I’m so very thankful for the best support system. Everyone’s that has always believed in me and my amazing customers who continue to support my small shop and make all my small dreams come true. You guys will NEVER know how much I truly appreciate every single one of you! Even my newbies just now finding my page, I’m so thankful that God has landed you here! Follow us on both of our socials to continue to follow our journey! 




Kirrissa Larson 

L3 Designs Leather 

(Larson-3 Kids) Yep, so organic. Lol.